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LeEco Le Pro 3 - Comments

27/01/2019 12:00

Bundle:add glass and case Color:X651Gold 4G 32G

Conclusions: Fast shipping from UK. Phone Super! The new firmware welcome to 4PDA! Firmware "out of the box" will not be updated!
05/01/2019 12:00
Source: Better Cellphone

Bundle:X651 Add Case Glass Color:Pink

Conclusions: All the fun, telefonchik super, hitch was on customs, but either from store прешали, or decided by itself, it's safe and sound! Probably only посьба-not write in the name of the: 2,6 Ggts, personally I came standard 2,3!
30/10/2018 12:00
Source: Doeschance Industrial CO., Ltds.

Bundle:6G 128G add earphone Color:silver

Conclusions: Very happy! All work! I was worried! The Seller was reassured to communicate! Thank You very much!
22/10/2018 12:00

Bundle:6G 128G X950 Color:silver

Conclusions: The goods arrived. Thank you very much.
09/10/2018 12:00
Source: Doeschance Industrial CO., Ltds.

Bundle:6G 128G X950 Color:silver

Conclusions: The phone is very happy to work fast class. Seller mixer to my questions, only sent a long but thanks him for gifts, it is our outlet adapter two cover & protective film.
04/10/2018 12:00
Source: V-Phone Store

Bundle:Official Standard Color:x651 32GB Force Gold

Conclusions: Dear buyers, take watch out because the cell that offers this tent are ADULTERATED, CLONED AND NOT APPROVED.
05/09/2018 12:00
Source: Better Cellphone

Bundle:ADD Case and glass Color:Pink

Conclusions: glass tempered does not match with the cellular phone screen
AliExpress Shopper
29/08/2018 12:00
Source: Buyers first Store


Conclusions: Attention Attention!!! Seller real crook!! Sent me instead of phone is a waste!! He lied to me!!! This scammer 100%!! I dispute and aliekspress not given me a dime!!!! It's terrible!!! This office is turning and the machine for отжатия money!!
28/08/2018 12:00
Source: Better Cellphone

Bundle:X651 Add Case Glass Color:Pink

Conclusions: Come phone very quickly for 10 days from China. It works, ordered the mother, very satisfied
24/08/2018 12:00
Source: Better Cellphone

Bundle:Official Version Color:Black

Conclusions: Arrived to Peruvian in 20 days the trouble was serpost it took 1 month and 15 days in deliver. The outfit is good is toy happy
20/08/2018 12:00
Source: Doeschance Industrial CO., Ltds.

Bundle:6G 128G X950 Color:silver

Conclusions: broken phone, asked for help from their "support", they tell me that to get the phone fixed I have to pay 50 USD. Pure BS, don't recommend the phone nor the buyer. Dual camera does NOT work, firmware apparently is old and screen overheats with use. Save your time and money, buy a Xiaomi
27/07/2018 01:10
Source: 2R-TRADE

Seller's reply

Conclusions: Seller's reply
19/07/2018 12:00
Source: holpe Tech Store

Bundle:Official Standard Color:Black 4-32GB

Conclusions: I am happy but also i am not. The product is in perfect conditions. The phone is fast, 4gb ram but 2.2 left for users. 32gb rom with 26-27gb left for us. Deca core helio 2.3. Android 6 but it has a nice UI ( universal interface) kinda dark and dim. I am not happy with the box. It was really bad. Did you guys threw it and played basket ball with it?
15/07/2018 07:50
Source: MJ-TECH Store

No Feedback Score

Conclusions: No Feedback Score
04/07/2018 04:34
Source: Better Cellphone

excellent phone

Conclusions: excellent phone
29/06/2018 06:49
Source: Shenzhen ValueDeal


Conclusions: good
26/06/2018 11:01
Source: X SHOW Store

Great seller

Conclusions: Great seller. Very cooperative. Product good
26/06/2018 07:01
Source: Best Supplier(HK)-24hours On line-Brand Original phone Store

Phone is simply superb! Features

Conclusions: Phone is simply superb! Features, specs, build quality, camera, battery, display... Everything is top notch!! I am quite sure that this price/performance ratio is unbeatable.
24/06/2018 08:07
Source: Better Cellphone

Very Good Phone

Conclusions: Very Good Phone, Works well and capture superb photos and videos.
20/06/2018 12:00
Source: GeekBuying

Happy, happy, happy with this phone!

Advantages: I love this phone! The fingerprint sensor works perfectly and is such a convenient way of getting into the phone quickly and not having to remember a password. Battery life is incredible; seems like it goes on and on forever. Camera quality is beyond perfect. It takes beautiful pictures and videos too! My friends and I just got back from an Alaskan cruise. We were comparing pictures and one of them commented that the quality and clarity of my pictures were much better than her iPhone pics! Although I had never heard of the LeTV cellphone, I decided to take a chance based on the 5-Star ratings and reviews, and I am so glad I did!

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