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Meegopad T02 - Comments

17/03/2017 10:14
Source: Banggood

great value for low price

Conclusions: better then a netbook
23/11/2016 06:37
Source: Banggood

Good product for his price

Conclusions: I started using Windows 10 PC sticks once Microsoft stopped support of Skype for TV based applications and Logitech webcam. This Windows 10 PC sticks are really convenient if you need just a Skype functionality. This stick is quite enough for Skype talks even with 720p quality. Although the Windows 10 itself sometimes is a bit laggish and slow. So if you have a chance, take PC sticks with 4GB of memory. For video no major problems were observed although while watching 720p video the stick becomes
30/10/2016 12:59
Source: Banggood


Conclusions: Im using it almost 8 hours per day! its nice for the price! especially when im using Youtube,facebook and watching movies and it runs smoothy! :D
David Kramer
09/10/2016 10:56
Source: Banggood

Works Well

Conclusions: Excellent product, works well, quick and easy to get started. I needed HDMI extender as my monitor's HDMI was too recessed. Power adapter did not come with Australian Adapter. Bluetooth connectivity works well.
07/08/2016 10:52
Source: Banggood

Excellent value for money, works perfectly

Conclusions: Have spent some time with this unit since purchase now. It works precisely as expected and makes full use of its hardware. Thoughtfully configured to suit mobile computing with KVM, this is a reasonably stock Win10Home 32-bit install with MS Office Mobile included. Love that it has expandable memory. Overall, very happy with this purchase, I'll likely buy more as needed.
23/06/2016 01:42
Source: Banggood

Easy to Install

Conclusions: For a computer that you can take with you anywhere, this is the way to go. Simply unpack it, plug it into the HDMI port on the TV, connect the power and you have a PC that works amazingly easy. No glitches with the operating system, very fast and smooth, but could use more memory for document storage. Overall, if you need a basic Windows 10 PC, with minimal memory storage, this will work excellently.

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