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MJX Bugs 5w b5w - Comments

AliExpress Shopper
22/11/2018 12:00

Color:Gray Ships From:China

Conclusions: Finally arrived. Paid 131€ then drone and 45€ the Italy custom !!!! too much. Tomorrow I'll test ! nice drone !
22/11/2018 12:00

Color:Gray Ships From:Spain

Conclusions: Todo correct. Worth it I didn't tally that need phone 5g
12/11/2018 12:00

Color:Gray Ships From:Spain

Conclusions: The drone is the very best quality price, But by bad fate I arrived damaged, the seller to medium solved the trouble, the slow shipping, But drone every days t like more. Recommend
25/10/2018 12:00

Color:Gray Ships From:United States

Conclusions: 1st test will be done today , the product looks like really very good. #amazing
25/09/2018 12:00
Source: RC Toy Fans Store

Ships From:Germany

Conclusions: Perfect packing original box without any damage the device very nice I'm charging battery only missing prove very happy
22/09/2018 03:41
Source: GearBest

Great gps drone

Advantages: Started with cheaper drone then quickly upgraded to the mjx. Good gps hold and all features work. Would be nice to have higher spec camera but for $200 you can't expect too much. Recommend.
18/09/2018 12:00
Source: Children's Toy Party Store

Color:Gray Ships From:China

Conclusions: Excellent quiet drone advise!! Грузападьемнасть not more than 150 grams!! You can add camera gitup F1 will excellent video then with the stabilization of! With a block is 150 meters of the Forum there were craftsmen обоити приграду! In what takes kilometer without problems
16/09/2018 07:23
Source: GearBest

nice drone

Advantages: Drone: - very stabile even it's wind moderate, performant (can carry action camera also), nice fly, very easy to useCamera: here MJX have to work, make decent foto and video but if I compare with my EKEN (35 Eur) action camera, the picture of drone have 7/10 points and action camera 10/10. The big advantage it's that you can modify the angle of picture /video, here it's a big big plus.Transmitter: decent, useful, the antenna seems to be fake, App: ok, very easy, you have all the information. I test all the feature: all are work very well. Time fly: 13 min, so decent.
Big Bro
22/08/2018 04:07
Source: GearBest

I am still learning functions but it's a whole lot of fun!

Advantages: I am still learning functions but it's a whole lot of fun! I tried to take pictures for the tree leaves when there was wind blowing, and the pictures are quite clear, not fuzzy
Candii W.
17/08/2018 03:57
Source: GearBest

Worthwhile to purchase

Advantages: This is the first UAV I have bought. I love this little robot. It has HD images and really return to me when I got no images for a period of time. I guess it flied out of range and then automatically use the home return function

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