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Higole F1 - Comments

17/06/2017 12:00
Source: GearBest

love it

Advantages: I use this all the time, it has become my main media device and for that it is extremely handy having win 10, android 4.4 and also built in battery/screen. The build is great with the metal chasis its pretty tough and the screen is beautiful!
Limitations: none
Bebox OS
18/05/2017 12:00
Source: GearBest

very fun mini PC

Advantages: very fun mini PC , i'm testing right now , but all i tested works like a charm android side , work well , windows 10 side too happy with it the only thing that should be nice (for GOLE2 perhaps) is to have a GPS inside to use it as car GPS/ Entertainement
Limitations: missing a GPS for me , but it's not so important
03/01/2017 12:00
Source: GearBest


Advantages: The device is good quality and I enjoying using it. The device is worth the money and it is a nice portable PC that can be hacked quite nicely as it has many ports available and a lot of connectivity available.
Limitations: -When it arrived battery was dead and the charger supplied in the box by GOLE was not working. I have used a microusb charger and all is fine. -No official support page but there are some google groups to support it. -The battery capacity is not engraved on the device so I suspect it will be not easy to have it in my hand luggage on airplanes.
28/12/2016 12:00
Source: GearBest

Gole1 perfect for my needs

Advantages: This is a great mini PC. I purchased to replace a large laptop which operates the projector using OpenLP presentation software. OpenLP loads and runs smoothly with no problems. Screen is nice and clear, and Windows 10 runs smoothly. High speed SD cards do not run in this devise, but Class4 cards run smoothly. I use 32GB Class4 card without problems, and run large high definition mp4 files with no issues. I use a Rii i8 92 Key Wireless Keyboard Mouse Touchpad Combo, or just a wireless mouse, depending on application, and these both work great. HDMI and HDMI to VGA adapters work well and sound quality through both HDMI and the headphone port is fantastic. The Gole1 is perfect for my use and I am very happy with this purchase.
Limitations: Nothing as yet
Nachin SPN
17/12/2016 12:00
Source: GearBest

Gole Gole 1

Advantages: It runs superb in both O.S. Windows 10 Home and Android 5.1.1. With the HD monitor it shows clear images. Gole 1 works fine with the microHDMI adapter to HDMI and and microHDMI adapter to VGA. Good sound and Wifi. After updated to Anniversary v.1607, it works really smothly.
Limitations: None.
25/11/2016 12:00
Source: GearBest

Personal opinions about Gole 1

Advantages: - Definitely, the price for such spec is quite attractive. - This little gadget have many potential in your 'mobile" daily life (e.g. I am going to use this device as a home entertainment device (2) internet surfing and email checking while I travel overseas for business purpose. (3) It can be used as a data transfer port for backing up my camera photo and doing some basic photo and video editing while I travel overseas for my holiday) - The size of device is still considered to be small and easy to carry wherever you go (I don't mean you can or will feel comfortable to put it inside your clothing pocket)
Limitations: - Rough finish - The design can be improved - Sometimes the touchscreen doesn't respond quickly and precisely - The text on the screen is a bit small. If there is an inbuilt software to magnify the selected area (text and content), it will be very handy - Don't expect to run "BIG and HEAVY-RUN" programs - Poor audio (but I am fine with it based on the price)
11/11/2016 12:00
Source: GearBest

Excellent, but rough edges that need to be smoothed

Advantages: The stated 2 hour battery life seems very conservative, I get a lot longer, the screen is perfectly bright set to 0%. Excellent for carrying about rather than a heavy laptop. I use it for lecturing and works well. The built in monitor has excellent view angles and is handy to use, though this is really meant to be used with an external monitor. Add a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and you have a fully fledged PC in your pocket at an amazing price.
Limitations: Support from the manufacturer is next to non-existent. Using windows 10, the USB3 port is not usable by USB3 devices nor does the SD card slot recognise 128GB cards and is a bit flaky with others. These are however fully usable under Android. It is quite fragile, I have seen some pictures of smashed screens from people putting them in their pockets, however a case for an external 2.5" HDD works great as a protective covering. My unit has just developed a flickering ghost image on the screen after a few minutes use, I suspect due to a lose cable to the screen. If you like to run Linux, it is not well supported at present (like all cherry trail devices). Any users looking for a support group on google plus, there is a lot of help from other users available. If the manufacturer can sort out the problems with USB3 and put in some decent support then this would be unbeatable.
01/09/2016 12:00
Source: GearBest

Nice Mini PC with Touch Screen

Advantages: - Work smoothly as equipped 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM - Dual OS with easy switch from both side - Clean Android - Wifi 5GHz - 4 USB (01 USB 3.0) - 2600mAh Battery
Limitations: - None, i guest with promotion price
14/08/2016 12:00
Source: GearBest

This is different animal

Advantages: 40gb+ free windows drive on 64gb version full desktop front end replacement with many usb ports included battery make it ideal for wiring try DC Plug 3.5X1.35mm is charging at 5V (they supply 3A adaptor)
Limitations: need front end software Size make this totally different animal

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